Learning Learning Learning

Posted: April 8, 2012 in Uncategorized

There are only a few weeks left of the semester learning about digital rhetoric. Almost everything I know about rhetoric digital or not is from this semester. Because of that it is no surprise to me how much I am still learning about rhetoric. Just starting the final assignment has taught me a lot more. Going into the White Paper I thought creating a whole campaign to solve a social issue was an unthinkable assignment for English 1102. Now that the White Paper is done I thought the assignment was a bit more reasonable but not completely so.

Now that I have started the final project with my group I see the value of the assignment. If a person can be rhetorically effective digitally they can accomplish what they want much more easily than trying to do so without prior experience. It was also easier than I expected to come up with a full detail multi-step plan to make a difference socially.  Enacting the plan and being successful seems extremely difficult even with a well thought out plan. With over 2.2 billion (shown by region in graphic with this post) users on the Internet today there is nearly unlimited opportunity to get a message out but a nearly equal chance of being overshadowed or washed out by those other users. Going into actually completing the first steps our group will have to keep open and creative minds to come up with ideas for a unique movement that will stick out in a sea of internet campaigns. I am sure doing so will keep the learning continuing at a high pace through the last week of the semester.


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