Prezi. . . . or PowerPoint?

Posted: April 13, 2012 in Uncategorized

PowerPoint or Prezi? That is the question faced by many people creating presentations today. If you do not know what a Prezi is a quick Google will answer what it is. In short, a Prezi is a presentation that flows across a large space and zooms in and out of the text and images. I will write my comparison considering their rhetorical values. The main difference between the two is the rhetorical situations they should be used in. A Prezi is generally a less formal and flashier way to make a presentation. Some may view Prezis as gimmicky. As a result, Prezis are best used for innovative presentations such as marketing presentations. A bad rhetorical situation to use one is convincing a jury of the guilt of a criminal in a murder trial. PowerPoints are a more professional and serious presentation tool. They can be better for important business meetings like a merger between two large banks.

Personally I like PowerPoint better, it does not rely on the internet and does not freeze or have glitches like the Prezi website has for me. PowerPoint can also be used in any case, a PowerPoint can be made innovative with links, colors, sounds, transitions, etc. A Prezi is much harder to make serious and has less flexibility in presentation choices.

When deciding which to use, audience, rhetorical exigence,  and gravity of the situation should be considered. For more formal settings and serious situations a PowerPoint is probably the way to go, but for a more creative looking, fun, exciting, and flowing presentation a Prezi is worth a try.

Next year Prezis may be all the rage and PowerPoints could look as if they were created in the Stone Age. If that is the case, that should be considered as well.


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