The End

Posted: April 23, 2012 in Uncategorized

                The end of the semester in English 1102 focusing on digital rhetoric is here. This semester has taught me almost all my knowledge of rhetoric and certainly digital rhetoric specifically. In the last blog for this class I will be discussing different digital means and their capabilities and usefulness in making a change using what I have learned this semester. Some of the main avenues to go down on the Internet while making a change include websites, Facebooks, Twitters, petitions, and ads. The audience and exigence for an issue dictates which possibility is the best for the situation. Most issues have audiences that are everyone in the country, so the highest number of people reached is the best choice. Websites are useful to get information out and can be customized well, but someone must specifically go to that site so a much smaller audience exists. That is different from Twitters and Facebook pages where hundreds of millions of people get on those websites regularly. The constraints limit the usefulness of Twitter and Facebook at the same time. They are constrained in creativity, the layouts are set and they must conform to the general feel of those sites.

                Petitions and ads are different, they are not the focus of a rhetorical strategy, but can add a significant amount of effectiveness to a campaign. A petition cannot be overlooked if involving the government is needed; they have been proven to be successful over and over. To prove that point, politicians must use petitions to be elected as instructed by the law. Ads can help any campaign as long as they give information and look aesthetically pleasing. The more people involved with knowledge the better to make a change.

                Digital rhetoric cannot be fully understood ever, a life can be spent researching without knowing it all. This semester has just been an intro to digital rhetoric and I will continue to learn how to use it forever.


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