The last One, Really This Time (Maybe)

Posted: April 24, 2012 in Uncategorized

The last blog post was written as my last, but I have decided to write another reflecting on what is happening in English 1102 with Dr. Gibbons. The last part of the year is completing portfolios in both English 1101 and 1102. The portfolios are a compilation of all the work we have done throughout the semester with reflections on those works. Everyone does the same and all the files are named in the same style then held on a central server. This makes assessing for graduation requirements easy, if the files exist as stated the individual is good to go.

What would Jaron Lanier think about this system?

Lanier makes his views clear in this book, You Are Not a Gadget that he is against making everyone doing the same thing and limiting creativity. He is worried hive thinking tendencies will take dominance and individuality will be lost between people. The portfolio is an annoyance to most students and in addition to being annoying the portfolio is doing exactly what Lanier does not want. The portfolio requires each of us to submit a rough draft and a final draft of three projects each. We must then explain what differences made a positive difference between the two drafts. This works well for essays and some presentations but not as well for websites or social media works. My group made a Facebook and a Twitter to attempt to reduce human trafficking instances. So what to do for the drafts? This issue is not online, but is exactly what Lanier writes about. We have to conform to what the portfolio says, this requires making less creative projects or twisting what we did to fit (partially) the rough and final drafts. Our solution was to consider the Facebook the draft because we used what we learned from it in the Twitter. Not so much a draft, but it was practice. Lanier’s views might not always be reasonable, but in the case of creative assignments he has some valid points.


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